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GASWIKI - INFO on domestic and commercial gas technologies and relevant legislations

The GASWIKI is the Gas industry platform and window for new gas technologies - domestic and commercial sector.
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MOST ROOMS OF THIS PORTAL ARE RESERVED TO GERG/ MARCOGAZ MEMBERS. A LOGIN INFORMATION IS NEEDED. The LOGIN will give you access to various rooms covering gas technologies and horizontal topics that ARE NOT VISIBLE without login.
Public information
Information on new gas technologies for domestic & commercial utilisations and relevant public documents
Showing new gas technologies in practise! You will find here a collection of short information on marekt ready gas technologies installed in practise in the EU with information on the installation, the performances and costs. Feel free to contact the authors in case you need more details!
Gas quality document exchange
Document sharing on gas quality and gas quality impact. Please note that we are for the time not able to publish all references due to copyrights issues.